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100% FIGHT 45 - Mikhael Bensimon vs Ramzan Jenbiev

by Octane PoD |

This Friday, December 17, 2021 was held the 45th edition of 100% FIGHT with in co-main event of the evening a shock between Mikhael bensimon (in shorts PRiDEorDiE) and the rising star of French MMA Ramzan jembiev.

After a provocation and a challenge launched on social networks by Mikhael (a dressage story), they both wanted to compete in the cage of 100% FIGHT.
A duel which ended in a victory by TKO in the 2nd round for the one nicknamed the "black wolf" Ramzan Jembiev in a fight less expeditious than expected by the experts. Bensimon will have shown us all his courage and his resistance in the face of repeated assaults and the heavy dominance of Ramzan. A big respect to him and a huge bravo to both fighters for the show outside and in the cage!

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