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LOST BALL 2: Silence, it's spinning!

by Octane PoD |

LOST BULLET, the biggest success for a French feature film on Netflix (posted online in June 2020), seen more than 37 million times in 28 days, number 1 of the platform in France when it was released, but also in the top 10 in the United States or even in Brazil will have a suite !

The shooting of this 2st opus has just started in Agde (Hérault) and will continue in Montpellier, then in the hinterland near the Spanish border. It will last fifty days.

According to director Guillaume Pierret, the plot of Balle Perdue 2 will be a direct sequel to Balle Perdue and will focus on the characters played by Alban Lenoir (Lino) and Stéfi Celma (Julia).

« It will always be a chase film, on the run, with twice as much action as in the first installment. », Specifies the director.

Without wanting to reveal the entire cast of this new feature film, Guillaume Pierret assures us that other characters from the first film will make their return. It also promises lots of surprises ...

« Lost Ball 2 keeps Balle Perdue's DNA and energy, but does not go where it is expected to go. »

Release scheduled for 2022! We can't wait!

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