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CAGE WARRIORS 122 - Brian Bouland vs Liam Gittins

by Octane PoD |

After a year of absence, the Belgian Bantamweight Brian Bouland (10-3) returned to the cage of the CAGE WARRIORS for a seventh fight with the British organization. Opposed to local fighter Liam Gittins (6-2), Brian won by TKO after just 52 seconds of fighting.

A quick but difficult victory for Brian who had to take an avalanche of blows launched by his opponent from the start of the fight. A storm fortunately quickly calmed down by a powerful right uppercut and a start of ground n 'pound to the ground ... 

Brian Bouland, who was wearing the Muay Thai shorts PRiDEorDiE "FIGHT CLUB", sign his 5th victory in the organization! Congratulations!

Photo credit: Cage Warriors / Dolly Clew

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