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CAGE WARRIORS 124 - Brian Bouland vs Nathan Fletcher

by Octane PoD |

During this 124th edition of Cage Warriors, the Franco-Belgian Brian Bouland was against the English fighter and undefeated in professional, Nathan Fletcher. A very important fight since the winner of this clash officially became Jack Cartwright's new challenger for the Bantamweight belt!
The plan for Brian was "simple", to stay upright and above all to avoid giving his back to the great English specialist in rear-naked choke. Unfortunately, after several minutes of good defense, Nathan Fletcher took advantage of Brian's mistake to place a ... rear-naked choke at the very end of the 1st round! A frustrating fight for Brian who could not show his game but a fight rich in teaching.
For this fight Brian Bouland exclusively wore the future MMA Shorts PRiDEorDiE "GRIM BEATERZ", available from the start of September 2021.

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