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by Octane PoD |

If tattooing is an art, each tattoo artist has his own style, then Niko has mixed them together like martial arts!

Niko founds KUSTOM TATTOO in 2000. Professional tattooist since the creation of the studio, he first learned pure technique through contact with prestigious artists, which allowed him to deepen his art over time.

He has since participated in many international events, in Barcelona, ​​Rome, Milan, Montreal, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Berlin ... and of course the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris.

Passionate about comics and this underground alternating current of the 80s and 90s where cinema, painting, street art and sculpture mingle, he has been able, over the years, to explore different styles.

The evolution of tattooing today shows us it well, emancipated from commercialism, tattooing is in his opinion an art in its own right.

Like all art, it is refined, improved, explored to make it a journey where the only limits are those of the imagination. This is what Niko tries to convey to people who want to get a tattoo by him.

Specializing in very contrasting tattoos in Black & Gray, he approaches each piece with the idea of ​​developing a tattoo with a personal, unique and original design.

His favorite themes are history, mythology, cinema, cult series, portraits, famous people and life stories.

He composes and creates from photos, illustrative images that he works on graphic tables with the concern of an optimized visibility. The placement, the way of approaching the subject and the composition are essential factors in its creation process.

For any information...
24 Avenue of the Republic
75011 - Paris
Tel: 01 47 00 10 26
Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 20 p.m.

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