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OCR, what is it?

by Octane PoD |

Because PRiDEorDiE it's not just combat sports, for 3 years a pro OCR team has been racing all over France and Europe ... The Team PRiDEorDiE !

But what is OCR? OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing, it is the sport that prepares its practitioners for obstacle courses in which a runner must overcome various physical challenges which are represented in the form of obstacles or challenges. These obstacles are not limited to climbing crossing walls or climbing rope, they are also objects to transport, exercises to perform, natural or urban environments to cross (rivers, lakes, forests, sand, unevenness, stairs , etc ...). While endurance is the main component of a classic race, here runners will have to use their entire body to perform actions that will be useful for them to evolve on the course. And we like it!

There are many OCR races like the Spartan Race, the Gladiator Run, the Tough Viking, the 14-18, the 24h Xtreme or even the Medieval Run, all with their themes and degrees of difficulty! Some of these races are even qualifiers for the OCR European Championships and the OCR World Championship because yes there is a world & European championship where the best athletes compete each year alone or as a team.

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