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RTC Marcoussis

by Octane PoD |

The RTC Marcoussis is the 1st sports complex sponsored by PRiDEorDiE dedicated to Cross Training (CrossFit), combat sports (English Boxing, Kick Boxing & Muay Thai) and physical preparation / re-athletics.

Located in 91 in Marcoussis, the RTC is aimed at all sportsmen, from the most seasoned to the most amateurs. The coaches all graduates, experts in their discipline and educators welcome you on more than 300m2 divided over 2 floors and a furnished outdoor terrace!

Women, children, law enforcement, pros or beginners, the coaches will be there to support you, initiate you, motivate you and help you progress.

Information on 01 69 63 75 02 or directly on site at 8 Rue Jean Duboscq, 91620 Marcoussis.

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