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WAR RACE: Battle of the Bulge 1st edition

by Octane PoD |

The very first edition of the WAR RACE was held on Belgian soil, an obstacle course paying tribute to war heroes, battlefields and history. It's the 75st anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, called Battle of the Bulge by the Anglo-Americans which was therefore in the spotlight in this month of January.

The WAR RACE is a 20km OCR race for around thirty obstacles, so far nothing new. Except that the race is weighted with a 2kg tactical vest including a backpack with the necessary supplies as well as the additional kilos gleaned over the missed obstacles ... because an obstacle not crossed, it is 1kg additional in the bag , and an obstacle not attempted, 2kg! There, it becomes interesting!

Our 2 members of the OCR Pro Team PRiDEorDiE quickly melted into the decor by wearing the brand's latest Rashguard, the model RECKLESS - Urban Camo. Atmosphere!

The female team member, Aurélie Lannoy, finished the course in 2'26'21 without any penalty, pulling off a very good 3 thanks to this place for the female general "Pro Artillery" and a nice cash prize!

Jérôme Rey finished the race in 2'20'22 without any penalty, ranking 3st in age category and 44st in the male general "Pro Artillery".

Congratulations to our athletes for their results. Now towards Valmorel in Savoie for the SPARTAN RACE Winter 2020!

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